About us

Introduction to Greens Steel Family

 Thank you for visiting Greenssteel.com. We are honored you are here. We thought we would take a few moments to introduce ourselves to you, and tell you a bit more about why we believe in making a career out of protecting the planet, minimizing waste, and just overall removing potential toxins from our homes.


Greens Steel was created in 2015 based on the realization that our single-use garbage was everywhere. Though we can't tell you exactly when we started to take notice (perhaps it was with the birth of our first child;) we became aware of the vast amounts of litter, plastic water bottles, and disposable coffee cups that were being tossed about and thrown away. Our family was always diligent about recycling whenever possible, but as we started researching, we realized that recycling is not the best option... the best option is to reduce consumption, and reuse what we already have. 

Our focus became, offering affordable products that our customers could use for a lifetime. We wanted to offer products that were almost indestructible but also extremely safe and free of toxins. We wanted to offer a product that didn't leach toxins into hot beverages, and wouldn't change the taste of your drink (whether hot or cold.) 

Our very first product was our best selling 30 oz. stainless steel tumbler, also known as the Beast! As time went on, we added stainless steel cups, and even stainless steel straws, and the latest addition are our stainless steel water bottles


Greens Steel is truly a family run business, my wife and I run the product research and development team (and our children provide their feedback too!) The purple children's water bottle is our youngest daughter's absolute favorite color! 

In addition to my wife and I, the day to day operation is also managed by my sister (she works tirelessly to be sure all emails are responded to,) and my cousin also helps us to keep our inventory managed.

Jessica is the newest member of the "Greens Steel" family, though she is based in New York and we've only just met. She is responsible for our website, social media, and if you would like to place a large order, you will probably speak with her!  

As for me, my name is Abdullah and I hope to bring you the very best products for you and your family. Together we can all be a part of the change we want to see in the world, and Greens Steel will continue to do our best to help wherever we can. 


All of our products have a lifetime warranty, we only offer products that will last. As that is the best way to minimize our environmental impact. If you have any concerns, ideas, or feedback - we are listening. 


Moving forward, we hope to obtain B Corp. status and are currently looking into joining the 1% for the planet movement. 

We want to thank you for being our customer, and we want you to know your purchase is also going to driving change. So we'll keep you updated as we make progress here! 

Thank you for choosing Greens Steel.